Bike Box Alan Original


This Premium Bike Box is the ultimate award winning bike box made in Britain that will hold most road bikes with 32mm tyres (deflated).

Triathlon Bikes will only fit if handlebars can be removed.

Wheels with tyres wider than 28mm and all tubeless tyres either have to have tyres removed or laid on the intermediate layer of foam and not in the wheel recesses in the lid.

Watch our video over on YouTube to find out how to pack your Premium Bike Box.

Weight: Approximately 11.2 kilograms

Dimensions: Approximately Length 116cm x Height 94cm x Width 36cm

Constructed with a single, sturdy steel anti-crush pole
Equipped with lockable clasps for added security
Comes with two layers of foam padding for enhanced protection
Secures your bike with velcro straps, ensuring safety during transport
Requires QR Skewers to securely hold wheels in place
Efficient packing, taking only 10-20 minutes
Compatible with 95% of road bikes (where handbars can be detached) up to 65 cm
Note: Removal of all handlebars and complete deflation of tires is necessary.