Can I collect a bike box before 6pm?

The Bike Box hire Co is a small home run business. Collection times are scheduled in the evening once I return from work. If you have no other option but to collect earlier in the day please contact me on 077865 53582 and I will try to accommodate. During the day I can usually be found at Saddle Safari cycle shop (also in Marlow). Although this is a separate business, there is the potential option that you can collect from there between 9-5:30pm. Again, please contact me first to check.

Will a bike box fit in my car?

Regrettably, we cannot offer details for every car make. Nevertheless, we've successfully accommodated our bike boxes in compact cars like the Mini Cooper. We recommend a quick check with a measuring tape, considering the bike box dimensions (specific dimentions located on each boxes info page). If uncertainty persists, feel free to reach out, and we'll assist you in identifying the most suitable options.

Will my 29er MTB fit?

29ers and longer wheelbase MTB's are best suited to either the Thule Roundtrip box or the Bike Box Alan Aero Case (Forks will need to be removed for the latter).

I cannot remove the handlebars on my Tri/Aero bike. Which box do I need?

The Bike Box Alan Aero case is the Ideal option.

Last minute Bike Box Rental

In the event of needing to hire a bike box at the last-minute, kindly contact us, and we will make every effort to assist you. There's a possibility that you can collect a box ASAP box that evening—pending availability. While we strive to accommodate immediate requests, we strongly recommend customers to book at least a week in advance whenever possible.

What happens if my bike box gets damaged or goes missing?

In the event of damage or loss of the bike box, we regret to inform you that we do not provide insurance coverage. The customer assumes full responsibility for the bike box once it is in their possession. Should the box be lost or stolen, the customer will be obligated to cover the full recommended retail price (RRP) of the bike box.

My frame has an integrated seat post, will it fit in a box?

Yes, most frames with integrated posts fit without any issue.

I have a large 62cm frame, will it fit in the box?

Yes, assuming you can remove the seatpost and saddle.

Will I need a van to transport more than one box?

With the rear seats folded down you can fit two boxes into most hatchbacks. The only exceptions to this are the Bike Box Alan Aero case and the Thule Roundtrip.