Bike Box Alan Aero Easy Fit


If you ride a TT/Aero bike or modern 'slack' mountain bike, traveling with your pride and joy can be a bit of an ordeal. Luckily, the Bike Box Alan Aero Easy-Fit flight case is here to simplify things!

Usually the process of fitting a TT bike into a box requires you to dismantle and remove often complicated handlebar set-ups along with the seatpost/pedals and more. The same can apply to many modern Aero bikes due to internal handlebar routed cables. Other than being a lot of work, it also ruins your precious bike-fit measurements.

Fortunately, the Aero Easy-Fit box allows you to insert the bike into the box with the handlebars in situe. Depending on frame size you may also be able to leave the seatmast/post and hydration system in place. Theres even room in the box to take a 3rd aero disc wheel if you need to.

As for long wheelbase Mountain bikes, just loosen the stem/top-cap, drop out the fork and away you go! There's room for enduro 29'' wheels with wide tires plus you can leave your dropper post in the frame.

  • Approx 13.5 kg
  • Dimensions: approx. L 133cm x H 94cm x W50cm