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bagsolo-label-fullcolour-1Consider BagSOLO as your personal valet service. Being a company that clearly understands the hassle and stress that cyclists endure when they travel, BagSOLO was founded to ease the burden of travel. The BagSOLO service is an assurance that your belongings are delivered to your travel destination before you arrive.



ride25Ride25 is a unique cycling holiday company, providing consumer and corprate cycling events and tours all over Europe and worldwide. Ride25 cycling holidays are not just about amazing cycling though… they focus on the camaraderie, delicious food, stunning landscapes and joint experience of the challenge of a lifetime. With our amazing hospitality, support and planning, we do everything to make sure all you have to worry about is which way to pedal!





jpeg-decent-logo-622545Saddle Safari is a real bike shop which has been in Marlow, Buckinghamshire since 1993. They pride themselves on being able to provide for 'ever day' cyclists and familie’s whilst also catering for the more specialist and experienced riders out there.

Being an independent bike shop with experienced staff, they thrive on delivering excellent customer service and attention to detail. They offer a service which is as far removed as possible from the usual experience that you tend to find with corporate cycle chain-stores and online only retailers.

A modern, good old-fashioned bike shop!